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The expertise of our firm is your advantage. Using the experience, knowledge, and resources at Pranathi Software Services, we can develop, deploy, and maintain the most appropriate IT services for your evolving business needs on time, without exceeding budget.

Count on our experienced IT professionals to provide a broad spectrum of professional IT services to meet your business needs. We will deliver high-quality, superior business value through a flexible approach and extensive knowledge base.

Services we offer

  • IT Consultant Professional expertise
  • Practical IT Consulting & training
  • IT Consulting  & Service management
  • IT Consulting  & Implementation
  • IT Technical Consulting

By analysing the business requirements to come up with cost-effective IT solutions, our IT Consulting professional service offerings are based on an analytical approach.

Winning People is Winning the business. The skills and experience IT Consulting we possess in global IT Consulting recruiting ensure that we provide clients with the most appropriate on-site IT Consulting resource. Stringent procedures and a well-oiled recruiting process ensure that the technical IT Consulting resource pool deployed to serve our clients is of the highest quality.

Balancing Act: CIOs balance the need for off-shore IT Consulting, off-site IT Consulting, and on-site IT Consulting models when serving IT technology needs. A AI technology initiative won't succeed without temporary staffing. The professional services we offer let CIOs and Managers harmonize cost and quality. 

Education and experience

At a minimum, all permanent employees here possess a bachelor's degree. Over 30% possess advanced degrees. Typically, consultants have experience in the industry for four to five years. Only high-quality candidates make it into our pool of talent as the result of a well-tested recruiting process and appropriate technical checks.

Innovative Solutions

Using up-to-date IT technology and methods, our consultants provide clients with the best possible IT solutions and services. To study upcoming IT technology trends, the company has established a Technology Team (TT) to work with sales and recruitment teams to develop new IT Consulting  technology areas. Our company offers all employees the opportunity to undergo IT Consulting & Training. As an employee, you are encouraged to become certified in your specific area of expertise.

Jobs & Career

If you'd love to join a team that boost your career it deserves, Pranathi Software Services is right place.


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